1) Can I get custom built sheds & do you make garages?

Absolutely, we make custom sheds!!! Let us know your design & we can accommodate your creation.   Everyone needs a garage & we make them!!!

 2) Site Preparation for your new shed

We are not responsible for site preparation of the shed. Our employees will not have the proper materials & equipment with them when they arrive with the shed. The site preparation needs to be done prior to the delivery of the shed.

Our Recommendation- placing your shed on a gravel pad ( G8 or clear stone). Depending on the size of your shed your gravel pad should be one foot wider and one foot longer than the shed. (Example a 10 x 20 the pad would be 11 x 21). Fill the area with 3-4 inches of the gravel, once filled check to make sure the pad is perfectly level.

 The Contractors we recommend are:  

-Miller Excavation- Simon Miller 613-223-4768

-Brody Hodges, 613-898-4488

3) What if I cannot get my shed in my yard?

 We have two options:

 A) Shed is bought as a kit- (Do it yourself –D.I.Y.). The customer is responsible for the assembly of the shed. We recommend atleast two people participate in the construction.   The walls, roof and floors are heavy, and depending on the size of the shed the weight will be a factor

 B) The shed can be placed with a crane/Boom. The customer is responsible for this expense 


 4) Do it yourself kits ( D.I.Y.) shed cost:

The D.I.Y. sheds cost the same as an assembled shed, because it actually takes more time to build, The Amish need to un-assemble the shed once constructed and place the material in order for systematic building.

 5) Do I need a permit ? 

Depending on your city or township a permit may or may not be required. The sheds sit on skis and therefore are not considered permanent structures. However, some areas base the shed on its size a 10 x 10 does not need a permit but a 12 x 40 shed will need a permit in some jurisdictions.

We do have the specifications for the shed and will work with you to obtain your permit. The specifications will be provided to you on the purchase of your shed.

  6) Can I get a steel door?

 This is your shed and we can design it your way! We can modify the doors to have a steel door- the price may vary.

 7)  How do I order a shed?

To finalize your order you will need to speak to one of our sales representatives at Crawford Sheds (613-816-7888). We want to make sure that it is the right design & confirm the order and delivery to meet your needs.