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Preparation & Installation

Shed Base

A gravel base is what we recommend for your Crawford shed.

The purpose of a gravel base:

  • Keep the shed high and dry, 
  • Provide proper support
  • Allow water to drain away from your shed
  • Allow airflow underneath the shed.
  • Ensure all windows and doors open and close properly

Size of base:

We recommend the base to be 12” inches bigger than the size of your shed, (example 10 x10 shed, the base would be 11 x11)

Gravel size: ¾”- 1” clear stone

Thickness: 3-4” of gravel


Excavate 3-4”, place geotextile landscape fabric down and then spread the gravel evenly. You may have more gravel on one end of your pad than the other because of a difference in the grade which is fine. The area must be completely level. In some cases, a retaining wall may be required to support the base.

**Most importantly make sure that the entire base is level**

Delivery Requirements 

  • Height clearance requirement 14′ 
  • Width clearance atleast requirement 14′ 

 * Ensure to measure the space that we will need to be driving through. Specific  consideration needs to be given to gates, trees, hydro boxes, hvac units, etc.  

 * Trim back tree branches so that they will not cause damage to your steel roof. 

  • Whomever you chose or if you completed the base preparation for the shed yourself the  pad must be 100% level. If the gravel pad was not completed properly Crawford Sheds  cannot be held responsible for any issues with your building that may arise from  improper site preparation. 


A member of the Crawford Sheds delivery team will contact you once your shed arrives on our  property and schedule a date and time for the delivery of your shed. In the event your property  becomes extremely soft, wet or muddy you may wish to call us to reschedule the delivery to  prevent the delivery truck being stuck or creating ruts in your yard. If we deem it necessary to  cancel the delivery due to inclement weather or other circumstances out of our control, we will  contact you as soon as possible and make new delivery arrangements. 

Our delivery team hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Saturday’s if a team  member is available.

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