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Shed Specification

All our Amish storage sheds can be customized to your preference with different door styles,  colors, roofs, cupolas, vents, windows, ramps, and much more. Not to mention, you can choose  the exact size of your custom-built shed so you can be sure you have all the storage space you  need. Not only is adding a shed to your property a great way to increase its overall value, but it  is also the perfect solution for storing all kinds of equipment and supplies. Our bunkies provide  extra space, and privacy. Crawford Sheds are made with great attention to detail and the  highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. 

Expert Engineered Dimensions: Our sheds are all made with white pine framing.

  • The shed specifications of the buildings are different depending on the size  and roof design of the sheds. A single shed is built differently compared to a  double shed and a lean roof is differently constructed to an A-frame roof. 
  • Municipalities have their own criteria for any buildings larger than a 10 x16  that must be met to receive permit approval. A building 160sqft or smaller  does not need a building permit.  
  • If an engineered drawing is required from the Municipality our Crawford  Sheds Structural Engineer can assist for an additional fee. 
  • Please refer to our permit process for assistance for building approvals. Standard construction: 


  • Peak 10’5” 
  • Walls 7’6” 


  • 2 x4 @ 12” o/c 
  • ¾ plywood floorings 

Wall construction 

  • 2x 4 @ 24” o/c 


  • Insulated steel roof 
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